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Gappy Floor Boards - Wood Flooring Engineered Ltd

Ship Deck flooring or Gappy floorboards are new to our range of bespoke engineered wood flooring. Our unique Ship Deck floorboard profile is available in all  our timbers , stains / finishes and furthermore at no additional cost per m2. Engineered Ship Deck flooring features an extra-long tongue and deep bevelled edge creating a machined visual gap into the face of the long sides of the floorboards.


wide plank defined ash engineered flooring

The popularity of this unique Coastal style wooden flooring has continued to gain momentum, and moreso we are the only British Manufacturer to produce ship shape and Bristol fashion wood flooring. Architects and Interior designers have specified our unique gappy engineered wood flooring for a variety of interior styles - not just for an offshore feel and with completely differing but stunning effect.

American White Ash Engineered Flooring - Gappy

american white ash engineered flooring - ship deck plank effect


Shadow Gap engineered White Ash flooring provides a minimalist floor with a contemporary edge, yet natural warmth. The seemingly spaced white wooden floorboards add subtle visual interest underfoot and definition to the all white contemporary interiors at Fonthill Mews, North London . Room length engineered White Ash flooring was used predominantly throughout these superbly designed spaces adding sublime drama to at first glance a simple floor.

american white ash t & g flooring extra long tongue


Natural English Oak - Mixed-Width - Shadow Gap

mixed width pippy oak engineered floor

 Natural Pippy English Oak Engineered Flooring in mixed-width Gappy floorboards were used in this Somerset property adding character and a rustic warmth to a modern extension. The combination of time shrunk effect, traditional Pippy Oak flooring in mixed-width floorboards adds to the authenticity of an antiqued Oak floor with seemingly centuries of shrinkage.


Ship Deck Flooring - Natural Oak

Ship Deck Floor - Engineered Natural Oak Flooring
 Natural Oak engineered flooring in fixed widths and lengths above with our unique deep bevelled finish evokes a truly nautical feel. The beautiful organic biscuity grey / greige tones of raw oak are preserved for a contemporary coastal look .


Ship Deck Flooring - Rough Sawn Natural Oak

Ship Deck Floor - Rough Sawn Natural Oak engineered Flooring
 The floor above encompasses two key looks emerging for wood flooring within 2019. Texture and natural tones. The rippled rough sawn texture lends itself to a Ship Deck floor and coupled with natural tones, reminiscent of Driftwood washed up from faraway shores. Furthermore, adding a deep bevel to the floorboards provides a spaced plank effect adding to the coastal aesthetic.

Scandi Oak - Shadow Gap Flooring

Lime Wash White Oak Engineered Flooring

Extra Wide Plank Select Oak flooring stained a Scandi white creates a dreamy floor in the bedrooms of this period townhouse above. The deep bevelled edges to the floorboards accentuate the plank effect and preventing the floor from looking too uniform and artifical .


Natural Oak Flooring - Narrow Plank - Gappy

Ship Deck Flooring - engineered shadow gap Natural Oak  flooring


natural oak engineered flooring ship deck style

 Natural Oak Engineered Flooring in narrow Gappy room-length floorboards. Fixed length symmetrical floorboards juxtapose beautifully with the geometrical angles and the organic Oak hues tone beautifully with the plywood wall cladding.

Extra Wide Plank White Ash Engineered Flooring - Gappy

ship deck white ash flooring engineered

Extra Wide Plank White Ash Engineered flooring - Gappy in fixed room-length floorboards, laid width ways. The gaps further accentuate the horizontal lines of the floorboards which visually widen this small basement London apartment. By the same token an all white interior maximises natural light and creates space.


 Ship Deck Style Wooden Floor

 For a true coastal aesthetic, fixed-length, Gappy Natural Oak floorboards reminiscent of driftwood, provide a weathered looking, washed out ship deck style wooden floor.

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