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over sized herringbone parquet flooring

Oversized Parquet floors are wider and longer than traditional Parquet flooring, and no longer refined to detention in the headmaster's office. Oversized Herringbone effortlessly updates a traditional Parquet floor to a contemporary classic. Herringbone flooring planks are all produced in fixed lengths and widths, which allows them to be installed in any simple or sophisticated geometrical pattern - double or triple herringbone, straight, dice and unfold squares creating stunning visual effects underfoot.

As we produce our engineered parquet flooring to bespoke specifications, the hardwood of choice is yours, as is the batten length and width. Add a rippled surface texture by specifying a Band-sawn finish or enhance the grain structure with  Brushing. The current colour trends within parquet flooring are for finishes that enrich the warm tones within darker hardwoods and those that enhance the raw, organic hues within lighter coloured timbers

.* Please note that in 2018  / 2019 we are taking orders for oversized engineered herringbone parquet flooring only (in all of our timbers / finishes)

large parquet flooring battens

Longer & larger Parquet battens in classic Character Oak provide a striking effect and a modern twist to classical elegance. This floor is timelessly classical yet has a dramatic wow factor. Simple but stunning.

Oversized Character Oak Engineered Parquet flooring £71.30m2 + V.A.T.


Unfinished Jatoba Parquet Flooring  - Bespoke Manufacture for Eurostar Business Premier Lounge

We do not pre-finish our contemporary Parquet flooring for good reason, as for the superior finish that this beautiful flooring deserves, a final sand is required once installed on site. A parquet floor will follow the subtle irregularities / undulations of the sub-floor and so for a flawless finish it is best to perform a final light sand and finish on site.

jatoba parquet flooring

 As with all of our engineered wood flooring we produce our oversized engineered Parquet flooring, to individual specifications in the choice of all our timbers. The Jatoba Parquet flooring pictured above and below, was produced to a bespoke specification earlier this year, and finished on site - The Cocktail Bar at the new Premier Business Lounge, Eurostar London.

UK manufacturer bespoke jatoba parquet flooring


English Elm Oversized Parquet Flooring

UK manufacturer herringbone elm parquet flooring

English Elm Parquet flooring is absolutely stunning. Richly coloured with contrasting swathes of richly coloured warm tones from dark chocolate to molten caramel and creams.

Oversized English Elm Engineered Parquet flooring £80.00m2 + V.A.T.


 oversized natural oak parquet flooring

 Oversized Unfinished European Oak Engineered Parquet flooring £71.30 m2 + V.A.T. 

The engineered Oak parquet battens above are unfinished but the beautiful natural tones within unfinished Oak can be retained with Osmo Polyx®-Oil 3044 Raw. Untreated wood in its original form has a light, pale character from its natural 'raw' appearance. Sanded wood also has the same effect.This finishing oil is designed to retain the natural appearance of lightly coloured timbers by using a small amount of white pigment to neutralise the yellowing / goldening that develops after application of a clear finish. 


oversized herringbone oak parquet flooring

Oversized European Oak Engineered Parquet flooring £71.30 m2 + V.A.T. 

Finished with Morrells Induro XLO 30

We do not factory finish our Oversized Parquet flooring with either a stain / lacquer or UV oil as for a flawless finish a  parquet floor should always have a final sanding on site . We do however supply a range of stains, finishing oils and lacquers to enable an on-site finish.



Pricing For Oversized Herringbone Parquet Battens in Other Timbers

Oversized Herringbone American White Ash Engineered Parquet flooring £82.00m2

Oversized Herringbone Douglas Fir Engineered Parquet flooring  £84.00m2

Oversized Herringbone American White Oak Engineered Parquet flooring £68.00m2

Oversized Herringbone American Black Walnut  Engineered Parquet flooring £98.00m2

(all prices exclusive of V.A.T.)

Please contact us to discuss bespoke engineered Parquet flooring specifications, more information and sample requests


Engineered Parquet Flooring Specification

Our engineered oversized parquet flooring is 20mm thick (with the exception of Douglas Fir Parquet which is 23/24mm thickness).

5mm thick solid hardwood wear layer (with the exception of Douglas Fir Parquet which has an 8mm solid softwood wear-layer).

15mm Birch Plywood substrate.

Our engineered oversized parquet flooring is suitable for use with all types of under floor heating systems.

We produce our oversized parquet flooring to your specification.

Unfinished engineered parquet flooring - for a superior finish will require a final sand and stain / oil / lacquer of your choice on site.

Prices are per square metre and exclusive of V.A.T


Please note that descriptions and photographs of individual timbers & grades describe typical characteristics to expect. Wood is a natural material and as such each parquet floor and parquet batten is inherently and naturally unique.


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