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how to clean maintain a uv oiled hardwood floor



An engineered hardwood floor is both a major investment and the biggest piece of furniture within your interior. If cared for & maintained properly, they can last a lifetime. Cleaning and caring for engineered wooden floors is very easy, if done correctly. Daily cleaning of all kinds of wood floors can be done with a broom / vacuum cleaner or light mopping. The floor finish you choose however, determines how the regular and more intensive cleaning is carried out and which products, you should use. Follow these simple tips and guidelines below to maintain the finish and the natural beauty of your flooring.


An inset coir doormat not only looks lovely, but one of the very best ways of looking after your wooden floor.An inset coir doormat not only looks lovely, but one of the very best ways of looking after your wooden floor.

The singlemost effective way to protect and maintain your wooden floor is with an inset doormat. Install preferably a large coir mat - ideally to allow two large steps across - to force feet-wiping) to trap dust and grit.

Grit acts like sandpaper to any wood floor and finish. Doormats placed at external entrances are highly effective at extending the appearance and life of the floor, thereby reducing the frequency of refurbishment.

Your wood needs the right environment, ideally a room temperature between 19 and 21 degrees Celsius & around 50-65% relative air humidity. Wood is hygroscopic i.e. acts like a sponge & expands when it gains moisture, shrinks as it dries out…so avoid this.

Wipe up spills straightawayto avoid staining and excess moisture.

Stick felt-pads under the legs of all your furniture.

Lift furniture - do not drag furniture & risk scratching your floor.

Vacuum / sweep regularly to collect dust and fluff. If you use a vacuum cleaner, be careful not to accidentally scratch the floor with the vacuum head. Make sure you always use a soft head  / soft bristle setting.

If at all possible, avoid heels!

Trim your pets’ claws to stop them from scratching your wooden floor.


Refinishing Engineered Wood Flooring

When refinishing your engineered hard wood flooring, it is important to ascertain exactly what finish has been applied to your floor and then consult the oil  / lacquer manufacturer’s directions beforehand. This is because the general process will be slightly different.

UV oiled floors are different from hard wax oiled engineered wooden floors as they are cured using UV lights.

The UV curing process provides a set and cured film on the surface of the board, which makes it differ from a natural oil / hand applied hard wax oil. This film firstly gives the finish additional strength to withstand usage.

UV oils are hybrid finishes – an oil based melange which enables speed UV curing in less than sixty seconds, through our Ultra Violet roller-coater. They provide amazing coverage plus long-term protection and are formulated with low gloss levels (10% Matte) and (30% semi-sheen) for a low-lustre finish / reflect a minimal amount of light.

Lack of sheen is good news when it comes to dents, dinks and scratches. With UV Oil finishes, less is more. Because the finish is thin and flexible, it is able to take impacts, conforming to the mishap. The finish is left intact to continue protecting the wood, rather than chipping or flaking away.

No matter what finish you have; proper care and maintenance is absolutely essential, to prolong the lifetime of the finish and keep it looking tip top.

 Engineered Wood Flooring Maintenance Treatment

Naturlux maintenance oil treatment for uv oiled engineered wood flooring  Naturlux Maintenance  treatment for UV Oiled engineered wood flooring

Naturlux is a liquid solution  specially designed for the maintenance of engineered hardwood and engineered pine flooring or parquet treated with oil (both Hard Wax Oil and UV Oil), or with wax. Naturlux offers protection from wear and dirt and endows the surface with high levels of elasticity and water resistance.

£23.52 per Litre bottle + V.A.T.


Spread the solution carefully and evenly using a clean, damp cloth (a swiffer is a great easy way to apply this product) until the floor is covered by a thin layer. Allow to dry for 1 -2 hours, then polish with a soft woollen cloth (or the reverse dry side of the swiffer) to achieve a warm, even finish.

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How To Refinish Lacquered & Hard Wax Oiled Wooden Floors

Our Engineered  Pippy Oak Flooring Hard Wax OiledOur Engineered Pippy Oak Flooring  - Hard Wax Oil Finish

Before restoring / refinishing your hard wax oil floor finish identify the level of damage / wear i.e. whether the whole area of your floor needs refinishing or just a small isolated patch.

If the area has severe marks or stains, these will need to be removed by using a fine grade sand paper and sanding the affected patch in the direction of the grain of the timber, until the marks / wear have been removed and the bare timber is exposed.

If the area just displays wear from traffic, with hard wax oils, you can skip the second step as there is no need to sand down the timber to bare wood but to give it a thorough hoover and clean and then to apply a maintenance oil instead.


Morrells Induro® Floor Maintenance Products

morrells induro xlo hard wax parquet oil for engineered wood flooring - taunton stockist

The instructions and products detailed below are specifically designed to compliment the induro® rangeinduro® range of floor coatings. These products are not suitable for areas where high levels of water are present, for example bathrooms and swimming pool walkways.

GP Cleanse

Use with induro® XL1, XL2  and XLO. . Dilute with 5 parts water for general cleaning, or use neat for stubborn stains and marks: 

  1. moisten a lint-free cloth or mohair pad to wipe the area, turning the cloth or washing the pad as it picks up dirt residue;
  2. when all dirt removed (the cloth is clean after wiping the surface), continue to XL Revive or XLO Revive.

XL Revive 10/30 

Use with induro® XL1 and XL2 only. XL Revive is supplied ready for use, thinning is not recommended. For 10% sheen induro® XL1 and XL2 use XL Revive 10, for 30% induro® XL1 and XL2 use XL Revive 30:

  1. working with the grain, use a lint free cloth or mohair paid to to evenly apply a thin layer of XL Revive over the whole surface;
  2. allow the surface to dry prior to use and ensure no pooling of either product.

XLO Revive

Use with induro® XLO only. induro® XLO Revive is supplied ready for use, thinning is not recommended:

  1. working with the grain, use a lint free cloth, mohair pad or, on larger areas a t-bar, to evenly apply a thin layer of XLO Revive over the whole surface;
  2. ensure no pooling of XLO Revive, allow surface to dry before use.
  • Pack sizes: 5L & 25L
  • XL Revive touch dry / recoat: 30 minutes @ 18°C
  • XLO Revive touch dry / recoat: 3 - 4 hours @ 18°C
  • XL Revive careful use: 1 hour @ 18°C
  • XLO Revive careful use: 4 hours @ 18°C
  • Full cure: 24 hours @ 18°C

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