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Engineered White Ash flooring in stunning Scandi style London townhouse refurb.


Engineered White Ash flooring is a durable, contemporary hardwood alternative to Douglas Fir flooring and a perfect choice for a Scandinavian style white wooden floor. White Ash flooring is naturally pale, highly desirable and looks sensational stained a translucent white. The beauty of Ash wood flooring lies in both its natural allure and unique natural properties...


engineered ash wood flooring in dublin renovation

Engineered White Ash flooring - Scandi & bespoke Ash Stair Nosings

Our engineered Ash flooring is naturally almost pure white, with a beautiful grain and wavy figuring. Exceptional natural qualities and striking beauty, makes pale toned American White Ash a seriously stunning white wooden floor.


Engineered White Ash flooring - Scandi UK manufacturer

 Engineered White Ash flooring - Scandi

Our White Ash flooring is engineered for 21st century installations and for use with all under floor heating systems. Our Ash flooring is T&G - all 4 x sides and at 20mm thick suitable for structural use. A beautiful, durable and functional white wooden floor. This is what makes our Ash flooring a perfect and practical choice for contemporary, minimalist and Scandinavian interiors.


white ash flooring

Engineered White Ash Scandi flooring - Micro-Bevelled Floorboards

We have worked hard to create the perfect bleached, Lye & Soap effect stain - Scandi. A natural translucent white UV Oil finish, that protects and preserves the natural beauty of this stunning hardwood. Every engineered Ash floor we produce is unique as nature intended. Please expect variations in natural tones ,grain and figuring from floorboard to floorboard, and  floor to floor.


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engineered ash flooring scandi style london

Engineered White Ash Flooring - Scandi  Architectural Design - Pedersen Smith ArchitectsArchitectural Design - Pedersen Smith Architects

We manufacture our Scandinavian style engineered White Ash flooring in three widths - all super-wide plank flooring and all in long random lengths (median 2.4m). Extra long White Ash flooring specification - up to 3.5m lengths, is subject to availability of timber and + 15% on list prices.

220 mm wide    Engineered White Ash Flooring - Scandi     £ 73.45 m2 + V.A.T.

240 mm wide    Engineered White Ash Flooring - Scandi     £ 73.45 m2 + V.A.T.

260 mm wide    Engineered White Ash Flooring - Scandi     £ 85.14 m2 + V.A.T.


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Don't Move, Improve Award - New London Architecture 2017  

White Ash Flooring in London Refurbishment


engineered ash flooring scandinavian style

Photography- Pixangle. Design- Hogarth Architects. Don't Move, Improve Award 2017

 RIBA London 2018 Award  - The Gin Distillery

engineered american white ash flooring at riba london 18 award winning the gin distillery


 Our engineered White Ash Scandi Style flooring was installed at The Gin Distillery, Whitechapel, London. This stunning project won a RIBA London Award 2018 and shortlisted for the RIBA House of the Year Award.


Engineered White Ash Flooring - Scandi. Photograph - Open Practice Architecture

Douglas Fir or Engineered White Ash Flooring ?

Engineered Ash Scandi Flooring (left) is a strikingly similar yet durable hardwood alternative to our Douglas Fir Flooring (right)


We highly recommend our Engineered White Ash flooring  - Scandi, as a contemporary,  durable hardwood alternative to Douglas Fir flooring - Lye and Soap finish. Douglas Fir flooring is unquestionably beautiful, but many clients are unaware that Douglas Fir is a softwood (the only softwood / engineered pine flooring that we produce) and as such moderately durable.

If you are seeking a Scandi Style Douglas Fir floor, but want a low maintenance, hard-wearing alternative we strongly suggest our Engineered White Ash Scandi flooring.


Engineered White Ash Flooring - Dinesen alternative ? Font Hill Mews London

Engineered Ash Scandi Flooring - Shadow-Gap


Engineered Ash produces a stunningly similar, white wooden floor with the benefit of natural durability. American White Ash is a beautiful, pale hardwood, enhanced by our Lye & Soap effect stain allowing natural variations in colour, grain and figuring  to show through. 

American White Ash as with all our timbers is a natural material. As such,each floorboard and floor are inherently unique. Method of  Installation i.e. choosing to place tonally similar boards together or apart , lighting and choice of wall colour will all have differing polarising qualities and aesthetics.


Click for FREE samples of our Engineered White Ash Flooring - Scandi


Natural Features of Ash Wood Flooring

White Ash Engineered Flooring - Architects Mood Board Wood Flooring London

Engineered White Ash Flooring - Scandi.  Architects Pedersen Smith London - Mood BoardArchitects Pedersen Smith London - Mood Board

Select American White Ash flooring features a straight, fairly open grain with beautiful wavy figuring. Expect occasional pin knots ,variations in colour; from creamy white tones to biscuit hues with small flashes of darker tones and a strong grain. Ash has unique natural properties of strength, shock resistance and flexibility.

 engineered white ash flooring wide plank long length uk

 Engineered White Ash Flooring - Scandi - Shadow-Gap

Historically Ash was used for spears and arrows due to optimum strength to weight ratio, making it the timber of choice for baseball bats too. Notably,  Ash is still used by  British car manufacturer Morgan to form the framework of their sportscars . Moreover Morgan Motor Cars manage their own Ash woods for this purpose.

The London Look

American White Ash engineered wood flooring in london town house

It is always wonderful to see our floors insitue, installed, in-situe and our clients' beautiful interiors.

 engineered white ash flooring scandi style dinesen douglas flooring alternative

 A very big thank you to Shauna  - so_design_edits for all her wonderful images on Instagram (and letting us share) of her stunning London house-flip.


Scandi style engineered ash wood flooring in london townhouse

Our engineered White Ash Scandi style hardwood flooring creates a beautiful natural blank backdrop, to a seriously stunning interior.

 Engineered Ash Wood Flooring - London Mews Development

Engineered White Ash flooring - Scandi at Fonthill Mews, London, N1


Our Engineered American White Ash flooring  - Scandi was  specified for a beautiful development of 22 houses in Finsbury Park, N4 - Fonthill Mews. Wide-plank, room-length engineered White Ash flooring line the floors in pure Scandinavian style.


engineered white ash flooring uk manufacturer

  Engineered White Ash Flooring - Scandi - Shadow-Gap

The engineered White Ash flooring we produced for Fonthill Mews features an extra-long tongue / shadow gap (Gappy Floorboards) which adds a stylish edge and definition to the naturally beautiful white wooden flooring.


engineered white ash flooring scandi style


Natural textures of White Ash, Marble & Sisal are complemented by white walls & large windows maximising  light & space.


 Minimalist style Engineered White Ash flooring at Font Hill Mews London



engineered ash wood flooring in london mews n1

 Engineered White Ash Flooring - Scandi - Shadow-Gap

Specification for Engineered White Ash Flooring - Scandi

Our engineered Ash Flooring is 20mm thick: with a 5mm Select Grade American White Ash solid hardwood top-layer and a 15mm Birch Plywood substrate.

Engineered White Ash floorboards are Tongue & Grooved on all 4 sides - End-matched T & G White Ash flooring

Engineered American White Ash flooring is suitable for structural use  - i.e. fixed directly to floor joists.

Our Engineered White Ash flooring is suitable for use over all Under Floor Heating Systems.

Engineered American White Ash flooring is machined with a micro-bevel as standard (long sides).

Square-shoulder engineered White Ash Flooring is available on request.

Engineered White Ash Flooring is available in fixed widths : 220mm, 240mm or 260mm

Lengths of our White Ash Flooring are typically 2400mm. Wherever possible we endeavour to maximise on lengths achievable, but this depends upon timber availability, but do expect some shorter lengths within your order.

Engineered White Ash Scandi Flooring is supplied in the following widths, at the following prices:

220 mm wide          £  73.45 m2 + V.A.T.

240 mm wide          £  73.45 m2 + V.A.T.

260 mm wide          £  85.14 m2 + V.A.T.

A longer length specification - up to 3.5m length engineered White Ash floorboards -  subject to availability of timber and + 15% on prices listed below .

Engineered White Ash flooring prices are per square metre and exclusive of V.A.T.

Please note that descriptions , grades and images of our engineered White Ash flooring depict typical characteristics to expect. However American White Ash being a natural material denotes that each and every engineered Ash floor is inherently unique.

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