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Tree Planting

Our Commitment To The Planet

For every floor that we manufacture, we aim to plant a tree of the same species.


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From little acorns...mighty Oaks grow. We are very happy to share that we have recently started our very own forest with our carefully selected partner Tree Nation. For every floor that we supply, we will be planting a tree for our client. Each tree will be of  the same species and as close to where the timber was sourced as possible. Our aim is that our clients will match our commitment by planting a tree too.


Discover our Wood Flooring Engineered Ltd ForestDiscover our Wood Flooring Engineered Ltd Forest


Sadly due to Ash die back disease ,the movement of Ash seeds and saplings is prohibited at present …. so it is not possible to plant Ash trees at this time. In the case of American White Ash we will plant a Douglas Fir tree in its place.

Tree Plantin

Every time we sell a floor we plant a tree. Buy one, get one tree.


In 2019, a scientific report by the Crowther Lab concluded how planting trees is possibly the cheapest and most effective way to fight climate change. Beyond that, trees have incredible benefits for both our environment and its inhabitants.

The Paris agreement (COP21) recognizes that carbon capture is essential to keep global temperature rise below 1.5ºC above pre-industrial levels, a task the reduction of emissions alone could not achieve.

Carbon capture alone (by planting new trees) would not be sufficient to fight climate change. But, in the race against irreversible and irreparable damages(the tipping points), planting trees can help slow down the climate change process, which gives us more time to complete our transition to a sustainable society.

Trees absorb CO2 by storing the C (Carbon) and ejecting O2 (Oxygen). Other carbon capture solutions are being developed, but reforestation is by far the most efficient and affordable solution and probably over 100 times cheaper than the next best solution. 

Another extraordinary difference is the quantity of other amazing benefits of planting trees. Trees serve as habitats to millions of species, bring revenue to local populations, help us get food, fodder, and medicine, clean our air from toxins, purify our rivers and water resources, and much more. Plus, they are natural.

Planting trees is essential for our planet.

Not as an aim but simply because trees address some of the most threatening issues our generation is facing: Pollution, Species Extinction, Climate Change, Desertification, Deforestation, Floods, Poverty, Malnutrition, and even Deadly Viruses. For many of these problems, planting trees is a critical part of the solution.

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