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sustainable british made engineered wood flooring


We are very conscious of our environment and proudly British Manufacturers of the highest quality sustainable engineered wood flooring for the construction industry. We specialise in architectural and designer products / flooring that win the very best contracts and furnish the finest homes.


english oak lamellas for bespoke engineered wood flooring uk manufacturer

 English Oak from our Client's trees to be made into Engineered Oak Flooring

All of our engineered wood flooring is produced from start to finish at our Somerset factory. All of our materials are sourced from sustainably managed forests, and as such either FSC®  or  PEFC™. Wood is the ONLY renewable choice of building material for flooring, apart from Cork.


british manufacturer sustainable engineered wood flooring


LVT and Laminates are made from plastics, thereby derived from fossil fuels. The manufacturing processes involved with  concrete and other flooring products damage our environment, through the energy used and pollution created during their production.


English Timbers

british manufacturer sustainable engineered wood flooring 

English Elm engineered flooring at our Somerset Factory Showroom


It may not need explaining, but to be absolutely clear, our English Oak and English Elm are both sourced within England comprising 28% of our range of timber.

Our European Oak from sustainably managed forests within Europe.

Our American White Ash, Douglas Fir, Appalachian Oak and Black Walnut are all sourced from the extensive forests of North America.

All of these countries have programmes of replanting and maintaining sustainable forests.

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and PEFC™ certification helps to ensure that forests are responsibly managed. Please contact us if you need any further information or to view the chain of custody certificates for our materials.


 Carbon Footprint

environmentally friendly douglas fir engineered flooring

Douglas Fir trees are fast growing and one of the world’s best timber producing species


Engineered wood flooring is THE sustainable flooring choice. For every 100 m2 of solid hardwood flooring we can produce 400 m2 of engineered wood flooring.

Our engineered wooden floors all have a 5mm solid wood top-layer that can be sanded, the same amount of times as a traditional solid wood floor. This is the depth of the solid wood layer from surface to tongue and groove.

The substrate of our engineered floorboards are made up of layers of Birch Ply. Birch is a fast-growing tree, that grows abundantly and easily replaced, helping to reduce our carbon footprint even further.

The manufacture of engineered wood flooring uses less energy in production methods than any other building material.

To produce a tonne of cement it takes five times more energy, twenty four times more energy for a tonne of steel, and one hundred and twenty six times more for a tonne of aluminium.

Young trees also absorb more carbon dioxide than mature ones, so it is environmentally prudent to harvest older trees then plant two saplings for every older tree felled.

Engineered wooden floors are made for 21st century installations and do not behave / move like solid wood flooring so can be used with underfloor heating and in kitchens / bathrooms, whereas traditional solid wood flooring cannot.

Tree Planting


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