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Engineered Southern Pine flooring is breathtakingly beautiful, sustainable and durable. Engineered Southern Pine Scandi flooring is a very new addition to our range this Autumn. Southern Pine provides wide-plank engineered pine flooring with strikingly similar, stunning figuring to Douglas Fir. Unique qualities of this timber make Southern Pine the cream of the crop and a durable alternative to Douglas Fir flooring - inherently tough and a natural beauty. Our combined and refined manufacturing, staining and finishing processes provide smooth, stable wide-plank engineered Pine flooring with a beautiful  grain and bleached white stain for a simple Scandinavian style. 


Engineered Southern Pine Scandi flooring


Southern Pine is superior to other pines in strength, hardness and rot resistance and widely used for heavy construction, such as bridges, beams and poles. It has been used to form the keels of ships destined for tropical waters, where it was judged superior to White Oak. The underwater caissons for building the foundations of the Brooklyn bridge were constructed of Southern Pine. They are still down there.


Engineered Southern Pine flooring  - Scandi Style


We use the highest grade of Southern Pine which is generally clear with a limited number of pin–knots, the finest quality for finishing with a Scandinavian style bleached natural white stain.


 Engineered Southern Pine Flooring -  Scandi      260 mm wide         £ 76.00 m2 + V.A.T


We produce our engineered Southern Pine  Flooring in single-strip, super wide-plank 260mm floorboards and in luxuriously long random lengths (median 2.4m). A wider & longer length specification - 285mm wide and/ or lengths up to 3.5m  is subject to the availability of timber and + 15% on list pricing.


 engineered southern pine flooring a durable alternative to douglas fir flooring

Engineered Southern Pine Flooring - Scandi style


Our Scandi white stain as opposed to a traditional Lye and Soap finish, does not require regular re-applyication. Both floor & stain are also protected with a hard-wearing UV oil. The unique grain and natural beauty of each plank is enhanced and preserved, creating a remarkable ambience. Longevity of all engineered wooden flooring depends on a complete understanding of the nature of the timber, installation, finishing and maintenance requirements.

Engineered Southern Pine Flooring Specification

Our engineered Southern Pine Flooring has a 15mm Birch Plywood substrate.

Overall thickness of Engineered Southern Pine Flooring 20mm (this can be reduced if required).

Our engineered Southern Pine Flooring has an 8mm Solid Douglas Fir wear-layer.

Our engineered Southern Pine floorboards are machined with a micro-bevel as standard (long sides).

Square-shoulder Engineered Southern Pine Flooring is available on request.

Tongue & groove engineered Pine flooring - on all 4 sides (End-matched).

Engineered Pine floorboard lengths are typically 2400mm, some boards may be built-up to obtain length. Please expect some shorter lengths within your order.

Engineered Southern Pine Scandi Flooring is supplied filled, sanded, stained and finished. Unless specified as an unfinished floor - in which case it will be filled, sanded and ready to stain and finish.

Unfinished engineered Southern Pine Flooring          260 mm wide          £ 69.60 m2 + V.A.T.

Engineered Southern Pine Flooring is available in wide-plank up to 260 mm wide and a maximum 285mm width subject to availability and + 10% on list pricing.

We factory finish our engineered Southern Pine Scandi Style flooring with a translucent white stain (White Lye & Soap effect) and a matte UV Oil for a rapid installation and durable, low-maintenance protection.


As with all our engineered wood flooring, Southern Pine flooring is made from a natural material so each floor is inherently unique. Please expect slight variations in tone / colour from floorboard to floor. Descriptions and photographs depict typical characteristics to expect.

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