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genesis magnetic wood flooring engineered


Our Genesis Magnetic Engineered Wood Flooring is THE ECO-FRIENDLY CHOICE. If you are mindful of simple & sustainable living our new Magnetic Wood Flooring is natural, super-easy to fit and super-safe too. It has no detrimental effects to the environment , humans or animals. Nor will it interfere with any electronics, Wi-Fi, smartphones or pacemakers. We are living and surrounded by magnetism naturally on planet Earth, and it's Earth’s very magnetic field that protects us from the sun.


Natural Attraction

 Simply slide & lock the floorboards into place. No glueing, clamping or nasty VOCs


Our Genesis Magnetic Wood Floor is an effective , simple dry-lay system.‎
The natural attraction of the magnetized Ezy-Install™ UnderlayEzy-Install™ Underlay allows a static support of our T & G engineered wood flooring making the installation fast, totally dry and in total respect of the environment.

THE Sustainable Choice

  • Manufactured using natural, plant-based , recycled and recyclable materials.
  • Fully recyclable and reusable.
  • Magnetic technology eliminates adhesive-related VOCs. Ezy-Install™ UnderlayEzy-Install™ Underlay dual purposes as both a moisture and acoustic barrier.
  • Acoustic isolation provides excellent impact sound reduction.


Heated FlooringHeated Flooring can be powered by renewable energy.


Super Simple Fitting

Minimal preparation.

Simply roll-out our Ezy-Install™ UnderlayEzy-Install™ Underlay  directly onto a smooth, damp sub-floor or existing sound floor. Yes we said damp...

  • Go straight over existing flooring.
  • D.P.M.  / Moisture Mitigation Layer not required (on floors up to 95% Relative Humidity).
  • No need to apply adhesive.

Operational Benefits

Significant project cost savings due to reduced processes and labour.

Installation time reduced by 60%.

Ongoing tax benefits due to the Magnetised Engineered Wood Flooring being classed as removable.


Speed of Installation

  • No need to apply expensive adhesives.
  • No need for a D.P.M.
  • No need for an acoustic underlay.

Ezy-Install™ Underlay Ezy-Install™ Underlay is not only a magnetised receptor, but a highly efficient acoustic underlay that prevents moisture ingress too.

Total floor installation time is reduced by 60%.



Changing the floor is super-simple, giving design freedom to change the look and feel of a space effortlessly.

Any damaged floorboards can be easily swapped-out in seconds with no specialist skills required.

Speedily and simply access the sub-floor or service areas in the event of a problem, without massacring the entire floor.

Moving out? Simply pack up your magnetic wood flooring roll-up your underlay and it will be ready to install in your new home once you move in.

Any used engineered wood floor planks are contamination-free and can be re-used, repurposed or recycled, rather than being sent to landfill.


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