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English Oak flooring is inimitable with unrivalled depth of character and a truly, timeless quality. Unique growing conditions, namely lots of space and light around the Oak trees, result in lots of epicormic burrs, which create beautiful cat's paw knotting throughout the timber. We produce our engineered English Oak flooring in three grades: Pippy (Cat's Paw),  Select and  Pippy-Select  English Oak flooring. All manufactured at our Somerset factory in single-strip, wide-plank floorboards in luxuriously long lengths. The English Oak is our most iconic tree, woven into our history, and remains at the heart of everything that put the great into Great Britain.


British Manufacturer

English Pippy Oak Engineered Flooring

We are proud British Manufacturers and produce our English Oak flooring from start to finish at our Somerset factory. We use our native Oak wisely, producing engineered as opposed to Solid English Oak flooring. The solid English Oak lamellas that we slice to form the hardwood wear-layer, reduce the Solid English Oak used by two thirds. We also manufacture our engineered English Oak flooring in mixed-width floorboards only. This is the traditional method of producing Oak flooring, using every available inch of an Oak tree without waste. We maximise on length wherever possible to minimise waste and  as such our floorboards are always in long random lengths (median 2.4m). A longer length specification up to 4.0m is subject to the availibility of timber and +15% on listed prices.

 English Pippy Oak Flooring

English Pippy Oak flooring provides beautifully unique, luxury wood flooring brimming with character and timeless allure. Characteristics to expect include a swirly grain, with lots of cat’s paws knotting and small knots. This unquestionably beautiful timber is sometimes called Cat's Paw Oak flooring due to the charming way in which small knot clusters sprinkle the boards. English Pippy Oak flooring is (in my view) enhanced by a UV / Hard Wax oiled finish, adding to the depth of character, golden tones and warmth of this quintessentially unique and British floor.

English Pippy Oak Flooring Pricing

 Untreated  £66.00m2+ V.A.T
 Clear UV Oiled  £73.70m2+ V.A.T
 Natural UV Oiled  £77.50m2+ V.A.T


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Engineered Select English Oak Flooring

engineered select english oak flooring

Carefully hand-selected as our clearest and finest grade. Select Oak displays a straighter grain, and a small smattering of  pin knots. We produce our Select English Oak flooring in mixed-width floorboards only  - minimum width 125mm up to a maximum of 260mm.

The Select English Oak floor above has a UV Oil finish ; a clear low-lustre oil applied in our factory to enhance and protect the Oak floorboards. A clear Hard Wax or UV Oil finish instantly develops a golden patina, enriching warm golden hues, which gradually deepens over time and exposure to sunlight.

Unfinished Select Oak Flooring

natural unfinished english select oak engineered flooring

All three grades of our engineered English Oak flooring are supplied unfinished as standard (sanded floorboards) . English Oak is naturally a shade of greige - a grey / beige, biscuity colour. To retain these beautiful organic hues (as above) please specify our Natural UV Oil finish.

English Select Oak Flooring Pricing

 Untreated  £66.00m2+ V.A.T
 Clear UV Oiled  £73.70m2+ V.A.T
 Natural UV Oiled  £77.50m2+ V.A.T

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English Pippy-Select Oak Flooring

Pippy Select Oak engineered flooring

English Pippy Select Oak flooring is a beautiful combination of the two grades. This grading of English Oak provides a classical floor with an element of unique character. The English Pippy Select Oak floor above was finished on-site with a hard wax oil, which protects the flooring and creates a rich golden patina which improves like a fine wine over time (and exposure to sunlight).

English Pippy Select Oak Flooring Pricing

 Untreated  £66.00m2+ V.A.T
 Clear UV Oiled   £73.70m2+ V.A.T
 Natural UV Oiled   £77.50m2+ V.A.T

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Engineered  English Oak Flooring Specification

Our Engineered English Oak Flooring is a nominal 19mm thickness (+ / - 5% ) other thicknesses are available upon request.

Our Engineered English Oak floorboards comprise of a 5mm Solid English Oak Lamella / wear-layer & a 14mm Birch Plywood substrate.

Engineered English Oak Flooring is Tongue & Grooved on all 4 sides (end-matched).

Engineered English Oak flooring can be used structurally i.e. fixed directly to joists.

Engineered English Oak flooring can be used  with all types of under floor heating systems.

Our engineered English Oak floorboards are machined with a micro-bevel as standard (long sides).

Engineered English Oak flooring is supplied as standard unfinished - filled and sanded, ready-to-finish.

Square-shoulder engineered English Oak Flooring is available on request.

Due to the scarcity of our precious native Oak. We produce our engineered English Oak flooring is produced in mixed-widths only  - 125mm up to a maximum of 260mm.

Engineered English Oak Flooring Lengths are typically 2400mm, some floor boards may be built-up to obtain length so do expect some shorter lengths in a pack.

Prices are per square metre and exclusive of V.A.T

Please note that descriptions and photographs of individual grades depict typical characteristics to expect. However English Oak flooring made predominantly from a natural material denotes that each floor and infact each floorboard is inherently unique.

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