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douglas fir flooring engineered pine

Our engineered Douglas Fir Flooring - Scandi Style - Lye & Soap Finish


Douglas Fir flooring is stunning, sustainable & bestows a beautiful Scandinavian Style. Douglas Fir yields exceptionally wide and luxuriously long planks due to the enormity of the trees. What this means for you is understated drama. Large rooms can be installed with room-length floorboards that unify and open spaces, reflecting nature's allure without visual interruption. For versatility and beauty you cannot compare with Douglas Fir Flooring.


Douglas Fir Flooring - Lye & Soap Finish

Douglas Pine Engineered Flooring

Douglas Fir Flooring - Lye & Soap Finish - Photo courtesy of Residence Interior Design Ltd


Douglas Fir flooring is naturally a rosy pink toned timber but enhanced by a Scandinavian style bleached white finish. The traditional method of bleaching Solid Douglas Fir Flooring is with Lye & Soap. The Lye - lightens the floor and stops the natural patination of the timber giving a beautiful and light appearance. The Soap brightens, whitens & protects.


douglas fir flooring white lye and soap stainengineered Douglas Fir Flooring - Scandi Style - Lye & Soap Finish

Douglas Fir is a fast-growing Pine. Engineered Pine flooring is incredibly environmentally friendly: natural, recyclable and long-lasting. Bleached Pine flooring is a key element of Scandinavian Style. White wooden floors and walls diffuse, yet intensify natural light. A beautiful natural blank canvas in which furnishings, texture and detail are accentuated by the beautiful soft light.



Douglas Fir Flooring

Our engineered Douglas Fir Flooring - Scandi style


We produce our engineered Douglas Fir Flooring in single-strip, super wide-plank floorboards: 220mm or 260mm in luxuriously long random lengths (median 2.4m).

 Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring - Unfinished - 220 mm wide  £ 72.00 m2 + V.A.T.

 Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring - Unfinished - 260 mm wide  £ 76.00 m2 + V.A.T.

We also produce a longer length specification - up to 3.5m Douglas Fir floorboards  - 

subject to the availability of timber and + 15% on prices listed below.


 The Nature of Douglas Fir

Engineered Douglas Fir flooring naturally a pinky toned timber

 Our engineered Douglas Fir flooring  - natural / unfinished as supplied


Longevity of Douglas Fir Flooring depends on a complete understanding of the nature of the timber,  finishing and maintenance requirements. After 30 years experience of working with our timbers we have learnt that Scandi style Douglas Fir is best finished in-situe with ideally a Lye & Soap finish. This is why we supply our Douglas Fir flooring unfinished. Douglas Fir is unquestionably beautiful, but our most high-maintenance floor and requires a regular programme of nourishment and protection to keep it looking tip-top ...

douglas fir flooring scandi uk manufacturerOur engineered Douglas Fir Flooring - Scandi Style - Lye & Soap Finish


Soaping a Douglas Fir floor is important in many ways. As is an understanding of the nature and needs of this beautiful timber. All wooden floors are living and hygroscopic - they react like a sponge to moisture within their surroundings and will contract and expand accordingly. Some more than others, in the case of Douglas Fir.


Soap needs to be regularly applied to help maintain a suitable moisture content and to clean and protect Douglas flooring.


Unlike lacquers or oils, Floor Soap does not seal the surface of a Douglas Fir floor, allowing the timber to breathe.


Floor Soap consists of vegetable fats, which benefit Douglas Fir floors by acting like a body lotion, replenishing lipids.


Our Wide-plank Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring - With a Scandi Style Lye & Soap Finish


Soaping also helps maintain Douglas Fir floor stability by slowing the exchange of moisture to the surrounding atmosphere and thereby preventing movement / splits.


Mopping with Floor Soap not only removes dirt and stains, but the soap water penetrates the wood fibres which swell and seemingly miraculously ‘pop-out’ dinks and dents in this unique softwood.


The Soap layer protects and regenerates Douglas Fir Flooring with every treatment.


If the timber is not treated for a long period of time, a Douglas Fir Floor may wear and dry out and possibly split.


Please click for further information about Lye & Soap finishing


Is Douglas Fir a Hardwood ?

engineered douglas fir flooringEngineered Douglas Fir flooring is  softwood  / engineered Pine Flooring


No, Douglas Fir is a softwood and as such moderately durable. Engineered Douglas Fir flooring is unquestionably beautiful, but many of our clients are unaware that Douglas fir is a Softwood - Pine. Engineered Pine flooring is moderately resiliant,  liable to dents and sometimes splitting. Please contact us if you would like expert advice as to timber and floor suitability for your project.

We strongly recommend that you request samples of our Douglas Fir Flooring plus our similar but harder wearing and low-maintenance Scandi style  floors described below.


Alternatives to Douglas Fir Flooring ?

engineered southern pine flooring scandi

 Our engineered Southern Pine Flooring - Scandi Stain & UV Oil


Engineered Southern Pine Scandi flooring  is a new addition to our range of Scandi Style wooden floors. Southern Pine provides a hardwearing, low maintenance alternative to Douglas Fir. This beautiful wide-plank engineered Pine flooring has similar, stunning figuring to Douglas Fir flooring - we cut both Pines on the crown. What sets engineered Southern Pine flooring apart however are unique natural qualities of inherent durability and stability.  

What's more this beautiful Pine floor can be stained & finished in our factory  - a perfect natural, bleached White Lye effect stain - Scandi. Our Scandi white stain as opposed to Lye and Soap, does not need regular re-application. Both the engineered Pine flooring & bleached stain are protected with 3 x coats of UV oil. The unique grain and natural beauty of each plank is enhanced and preserved, creating a beautiful ambience.

Engineered Southern Pine Flooring - Scandi - 260mm wide £76.00m2 + V.A.T     


  Hardwood Alternatives shadow gap engineered ash flooringOur engineered White Ash Flooring is a durable, hardwood alternative to Douglas Fir Flooring 

Engineered White Ash flooring - Scandi  is a stunningly similar but hardwood alternative for a Scandi style whitewashed wooden floor. Engineered White Ash flooring is a beautiful, naturally pale hardwood. Ash is enhanced by our translucent white stain, for a beautiful natural blank canvas.

 engineered white ash flooring london minimalist style


American White Ash engineered flooring is amongst the most durable hardwoods for engineered wood flooring installations. White Ash is a beautiful, naturally pale hardwood and produces a stunningly similar hardwood alternative to Douglas Fir flooring. Our engineered White Ash Scandi flooring has remained our most popular floor for the last five years.

 Please click for FREE samples of our Engineered Douglas Fir, Southern Pine  & White Ash Flooring


We persuaded the architect for a recent Mews development in London (below) to install engineered White Ash flooring  - Scandi as opposed to his first choice Douglas Fir flooring for superior Scandinavian style white wooden floors.


engineered american white ash flooring  is a durable alternative to douglas fir flooring

 Engineered White Ash flooring - Scandi. Fonthill mews, London


The engineered Ash flooring we produced for these 22 town houses, has an extra-long tongue / shadow gap  which adds extra definiton to the floorboards .The seemingly spaced white wooden floorboards add visual interest underfoot and definition to the all white contemporary interiors. Room length engineered White Ash flooring was used predominantly throughout these superbly designed spaces adding sublime drama to at first glance a simple floor.


Engineered White Ash Flooring Scandi  - hardwood alternative to Douglas Fir Flooring


Extra-Long Tongue / Gappy / Shadow Gap engineered White Ash flooring. This unique floorboard profile gives exaggerated floorboard definition and detail. Using fixed length and fixed width floorboards with a shadow gap provides a  Ship Deck Style.


Please click here for  FREE samples or more information about our Engineered White Ash Flooring


Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring / Engineered Pine Flooring Specification 

Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring has a 15mm Birch Plywood substrate.

Overall thickness of Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring 23/24mm (this can be reduced if required).

Our engineered Douglas Fir Flooring has an 8mm Solid Douglas Fir wear-layer.

Our engineered Douglas Fir floorboards are machined with a micro-bevel as standard (long sides).

Square-shoulder Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring is available on request.

Tongue & groove engineered Pine flooring - on all 4 sides (End-matched).

Engineered Douglas Fir floorboard lengths are typically 2400mm, some boards may be built-up to obtain length. Expect some shorter lengths within your order.

Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring is available in wide boards / wide plank up to 260 mm wide.

Unfinished engineered Douglas Fir Flooring          220 mm wide          £ 72.00 m2 + V.A.T.

Unfinished engineered Douglas Fir Flooring          260 mm wide          £ 76.00 m2 + V.A.T.

Please be aware that Douglas fir flooring is not a hardwood. It is probable that in service, small splits and / or shakes may appear. After a period, the timber settles and these defects can be repaired, enhancing the aesthetic quality of the product.


As with all our engineered wood flooring, Douglas Fir flooring is made from predominantly natural materials so each floor is inherently unique. Please expect slight variations in tone / colour from floorboard to floor. Descriptions and photographs depict typical characteristics to expect.

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