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band sawn driftwood oak flooring


Band Sawn Appalachian Oak flooring pictured above produced for Rick Stein's - Sandbanks . Due to the popularity of the bespoke Appalachian Oak floor we created for Rick Stein's restaurant in Poole, this coastal style flooring is now available. Reminiscent of driftwood washed up from faraway shores with a rippled,  rough-sawn texture. The natural cream stain enhances the effect adding a touch of warmth and tonal dimension, yet retains the beautiful underlying natural hues. This is the way to subtly play up the raw natural beauty of White Oak in a contemporary Coastal style.


Band Sawn  Coastal Appalachian Oak

Band Sawn Driftwood Style Oak Flooring


Appalachian White Oak is a slow growing, straight-grained timber. Natural tones vary between a pale yellow-brown to biscuit colour, with a pinkish undertone. Appalachian Oak also known as American White Oak flooring is extremely durable and its consistent light tones make it the perfect choice for a natural light stain, further enhanced by a rippled surface.  Furthermore as with all of our engineered wood flooring it can be used structurally (laid directly to floor joists) and designed for use with with all types of under floor heating systems.


Band Sawn Oak Flooring produced for Rick Stein's


Subtle Natural Cream Stain & Band Sawn surface with a UV Oil finish. Prime Appalachian Oak hardwood wear layer - straight-grained, displaying pin knots. Expect knots up to 20mm diameter. Suitable for use with all types of under floor heating systems and for structural use also (laid directly to floor joists).

Band Sawn Coastal Oak Engineered flooring              up to 200 mm wide         £79.00  m2

Band Sawn Coastal Oak Engineered flooring              210mm – 220mm wide    £81.10  m2

Wider boards up to 250mm subject to the availability of timber at the time of manufacture £ P.O.A.


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 Modern Rustic - Band Sawn Oak Flooring

Our Coastal Inspired Oak flooring has washed up to become understatedly super stylish. A rough-sawn  texture, organic tones, provide a weathered aesthetic and protected with a low-lustre UV oiled finish.

Our Band Sawn Appalachian White Oak flooring is of the highest quality and available in single-strip wide-plank floorboards: up to *220mm wide, in long random lengths (median 2.40m).

A longer length specification is subject to the availability of timber and  + 15% on list prices)


 band sawn driftwood style oak flooring


Contemporary, undersated coastal chic but also a practical choice as Band Sawn Sandbanks Oak flooring is supplied stained, UV Oiled and ready to lay.


Band Sawn Oak Flooring bespoke flooring for Rick Stein's


Evoking the texture and organic hues reminiscent of wood that has drifted from the far corners of the ocean is on trend. Weathered grey tones and distressed textures work beautifully with our engineered Appalachian Oak flooring.  The colour palette is natural and organic grey / biscuit tones... we achieve these tones by staining -  a Natural UV oil finish to retain the natural colouring within the timber, or a smokey grey or white stain for driftwood hues.


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Engineered Band-Sawn Coastal Appalachian Oak Flooring Specification

Our engineered Band-Sawn Coastal Oak flooring is a nominal 19mm thickness (+ / - 5% )

5mm Solid Appalachian White Oak lamella / wear-layer

14mm Russian Birch-Plywood substrate.

Engineered Band-Sawn Coastal Oak flooring is Tongue & Grooved on all 4 sides.

Engineered Band-Sawn Coastal Oak flooring as with all of our engineered hardwood floors, is suitable for use over all types of under floor heating systems.

Engineered Band-Sawn Coastal Oak flooring can be used stucturally  - fixed directly to joists.

Engineered Band-Sawn Coastal Appalachian Oak floorboards are machined as standard with a micro-bevel (long sides). Square shoulder available on request.

Our engineered Band-Sawn Coastal Oak flooring is available in a choice of widths 125-200mm or  210-220mm.

Machining tolerance:  + / - 5% on all widths.

Our engineered Band-Sawn Coastal Oak flooring can be supplied as either; fixed-width or mixed-width.

Engineered Appalachian Oak floor-boards are single-strip and wide-plank.

Lengths of our Appalachian White Oak Flooring are typically median 2400mm. Wherever possible we endeavour to maximise on floorboard lengths achievable, but this depends upon timber availability. Do expect some shorter lengths within your order.

An extra-long length specification is  subject to the availability of timber  and + 15% on list prices.

Our engineered Band-Sawn Coastal Appalachian Oak flooring is supplied as a finished floor - stained and UV Oiled.

Please contact us for a pricing for untreated or pre-stained Appalachian Oak flooring only (i.e. to be stained / finished on-site).

Prices are per square metre and exclusive of V.A.T.

Please note that descriptions and photographs of individual grades depict typical characteristics to expect. However Appalachian Oak  being a  hardwood denotes that each engineered wooden floor is inherently unique.


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