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Engineered Pine Wall Cladding

Wood cladding is available in our entire range of timbers. We produced engineered Douglas Fir flooring and Wall Cladding for London Yoga Studio - The Refinery , London.
Cladding walls with wood has long been an interior design classic but of late a modern twist is emerging. The contemporary look is all about bringing the warmth of nature within. Wood cladding has the unique ability to organically soften an industrial interior.

Pale toned wooden floors and walls are key elements within Scandinavian interiors, adding not only organic texture and tones but a natural source of insulation to uniquely transform the feel of a space.

Please contact us for more information about our Engineered Pine flooring / Douglas Fir Wall Cladding

Engineered Douglas Fir Wall Cladding

Engineered Douglas Fir flooring with a band sawn finish

Engineered Douglas Fir flooring with a Band Sawn finish.The rippled texture and bleached white tones are perfect for coastal style interiors .

There are diverse options available for styling a wall with wood namely; the choice of timber, width or widths of the planks,  texture, colour and plank direction or pattern.

Engineered Wood Cladding Styles

oak wall cladding feature fireplace surround

Photograph & Installation : South West Fireplaces

All of our luxury engineered wood flooring  is suitable for cladding on walls and ceiling. In addition to strip or extra wide planks we can supply a mix of plank widths for a more rustic feel, for a coastal aesthetic consider a defined gap for true Ship Deck fashion, Bead & Butt wood panelling for a traditional interior .

Of all these choices plank direction as when tiling a wall is key. Vertical, horizontal, diagonall and zig zag patterns all evoke a completely different feel and  unique understated drama to a feature wall.

 Band Sawn Natural Ash Oversized Herringbone Parquet

Band Sawn Natural Ash herringbone parquet

This is a working sample we have recently produced of our Band Sawn Natural Ash in Oversized Herringbone Parquet to be used as interior wall cladding. All of our parquet flooring is perfect for use as wood cladding on walls.Band Sawn Natural Ash is new for 2019. Naturally pale, light sandy tones, wavy figuring and a rippled surface make this beautiful hardwood a fabulous choice for a coastal interior. Band Sawn Ash parquet combines three key looks for contemporary interiors :oversized parquet, organic tones and texture. Using Band Sawn Ash as parquet wall cladding is a fabulous idea, adding visual interest , geometrical patterning with a natural touch. Looking forward to seeing the finished result...

Oversized Herringbone Parquet in Band Sawn Natural Ash £82.00m2 

Stained Wood Cladding

The deep blue of indigo dyes is one of the oldest known natural colours in the world with natural indigo dyeing one of the oldest dyeing methods. It is this very blue which has made jeans universally popular.The picture below is of a bespoke , band sawn,  Navy stained Douglas Fir floor we produced last year for The Stable - Poole. This beautiful timber with its rich dark Navy Blue stain and rugged, rough sawn texture would look simply amazing as interior wood cladding.

band sawn distressed douglas fir flooring dark navy blue


blush stain wooden flooring

Blush, copper and grey are an unexpectedly wonderful combination. A very chic colour palette for a contemporary lounge / dining room and  perfect for a little princess' bedroom.

Pale aqua is contemporary  with a hint of heritage. Beautiful paired with white and grey.

aqua stain wooden floor

Architects, designers and builders we LOVE hearing from you...please contact us  to colour match or product match from a sample  / image you have in mind. As with our luxury engineered wood flooring if you are seeking a unique wood stain, the whole colour spectrum is available to you.


Interior Engineered Wood Cladding Specification

Our engineered interior wood cladding  is 20mm thick (with the exception of Douglas Fir Parquet which is 23/24mm thickness).

5mm thick solid hardwood wear layer (with the exception of Douglas Fir Parquet which has an 8mm solid softwood wear-layer).

Engineered interior wood cladding has a 15mm Birch Plywood substrate.
Engineered Tongue & Groove Wood Cladding -  all 4 sides.
Square-shoulder engineered wood cladding is also available along with our Gappy plank profile
Engineered wood cladding is available in fixed or mixed widths: 125mm up to a maximum of 260mm
Engineered interior wood cladding lengths are typically 2400mm, some boards may be built-up to obtain length, expect some shorter lengths in a pack.
Fixed length interior wood cladding is also available please contact us to discuss your specification and for a pricing.
Fixed length interior wood cladding is supplied filled and sanded, ready-to-finish.
Engineered interior wood cladding prices are the same as our engineered wood flooring prices per square metre and exclusive of V.A.T

Please note that descriptions and photographs of individual timbers & grades depict typical characteristics to expect. However wood being a natural material denotes that wooden cladding and wooden flooring will always be inherently unique.

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