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uv oiled american white ash engineered wood flooring in london apartment

Our engineered wooden flooring is supplied unfinished as standard (i.e. bare sanded wood). The finish you choose is therefore the most important consideration; Hard Wax Oil, Lacquer or our new UV Oil ?

A UV Oil is a specialist oil based melange which enables UV curing in less than sixty seconds through our Ultra-Violet rollercoater. UV oils are hybrid finishes with amazing coverage and can also be formulated with a very low gloss level  for a subtle low-lustre finish. This lack of sheen is very good news when it comes to dents, dinks and scratches. With UV Oil finishes, less is more. Because the finish is thin and flexible, it is able to take impacts, conforming to the mishap. The finish is left intact to continue protecting the wood, rather than chipping or flaking away.

Like naturally dried oils and lacquers UV cured oil needs periodic maintenance depending on levels of traffic experienced.

Ladies, UV technology is an area in which you will be fully versed and can educate your man accordingly. Ultraviolet nail drying systems, are standard pieces of kit in the beauty industry, so it makes sense that manufacturing pioneers (like ourselves) in wood flooring would adopt the same science. These hybrid finishes combined with Ultra Violet curing give wooden floors uber resistance to wear and tear and available in varying degrees of sheen  - matt and low lustre being the most popular at the moment.

uv oiling wood floors is just like uv oiling for nails

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