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Douglas Fir Flooring is stunning, sustainable and sensationally beautiful. Due to the exceptional size of the trees, which typically top heights of up to 100m, Douglas Fir is in demand for the natural drama delivered by wide-plank, room-length floorboards that lesser floors cannot convey.

Pale toned, white wooden floors are key elements within Scandinavian style interiors, a popular concept within contemporary design and set to stay, gracing our homes and interiors, Instagram and Pinterest feeds. Scandinavian flooring is characteristically coniferous, due to the abundance of raw material available to our Nordic neighbours. Larch and Douglas Fir flooring are prevalent and popular choices for their natural character and colouring.

Understanding Douglas Fir's Strengths & Weaknesses


Throughout our thirty year relationship with hardwoods and softwoods we have learnt to appreciate the strengths and understand the weaknesses of Douglas Fir and primarily its use as engineered Pine Flooring.



Douglas Fir is a fast growing Pine and softwood and as the name implies, softer than hardwoods. Douglas Fir is the highest rated softwood with a good strength-to-weight ratio but at at the low-end of the hardness scale. This means more care must be taken in milling, handling, and ultimately in the overall use of Douglas Fir Flooring. Many people are unaware that Douglas fir is a Softwood - Pine.


Engineered Pine flooring is moderately durable and prone to dents and sometimes splitting. Douglas Fir flooring is more suited to shoe-less households and low traffic areas. For those who have higher demands or high traffic areas we recommend pale hardwoods such as Appalachian White Oak or American White Ash in white or natural surface finishes.



Douglas Fir is unquestionably beautiful with a unique uniformity of appearance. Douglas Fir is characterised by lovely light brown early growth lines and darker pink late growth lines that contribute to the overall pinky hue. It is also extremely smooth to the touch with an exceptional ability to retain finishes, paint, and staining. Douglas Fir when treated with a clear oil provides a reddish-brown engineered pine floor.


Engineered Douglas Fir flooringOur Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring with a Lye & Soap Finish


Conversely Douglas Fir flooring when bleached with lye and soap or stained white gives an airy, contemporary feel . Moreover adding natural warmth to all-white Scandinavian interiors with its underlying natural pinky tones and understated drama with room length , super wide floorboards.

Sustainability & Size

douglas fir yields very wide plank long length flooring

The huge iconic Douglas Fir trees of Vancouver - picture courtesy of CBC

Douglas Fir trees are considered one of the world’s best timber producing species. Douglas Fir is not an apex plant species, which in short means it never stops growing. One of the oldest examples was found in Vancouver following a storm and proved to be more than 1,350 years old. Douglas Fir is a fast-growing species and a very environmentally-friendly option for those who are mindful about sustainability and having an environmentally-friendly floor.


Hardwearing Alternatives to Douglas Fir Flooring?

Engineered Ash flooring is a stunning, durable alternative to Douglas Fir flooring. Engineered Ash flooring is a stunning, durable alternative to Douglas Fir flooring.


We always suggest to those seeking Scandinavian style / white washed wooden flooring to request samples of our engineered White Ash flooring or engineered White Oak flooring as they are extremely hardwearing alternatives. Both engineered White Ash Flooring and engineered Oak flooring are durable hardwoods and have a stunningly similar appearance when stained a natural white.


Whitewashed Oak Engineered Flooring


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