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 Engineered White Ash flooring is a perfect choice for a coastal style interior.

 Coastal style white wooden floors are slightly rustic for an airy, beachy feel. There are several ways to achieve a shoreside style wooden floor - all simple yet understatedly sophisticated. They are often textured or feature intentional gaps between the planks to reflect the way the wood would have weathered over time. Textured white wooden floors lend themselves to a matte finish and the combination of texture with a white washing gives the floor an unspohisticated offshore feel.

The floor below is all white but achieves a rustic purity with each plank stained a sliughtly different hue of white .

We achieve Texture in two ways; by either Band Sawing for an undulating, rough sawn surface or Brushing to accentuate the natural grain. Engineered White Ash flooring and Engineered Appalachian White Oak flooring are popular choices for coastal style interiors, both available in a Select grade which is essential for a Band sawn finish.

Rippled Surfaces

Engineered Appalachian White Oak flooring with its natural light pink undertones adds warmth to north facing rooms. Band Sawing adds a rippled surface which when a white stain is applied adds tonal dimension as only the upper ripples catch the stain leaving the beautiful natural biscuit hues beneath.

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 American White Ash is a naturally white hardwood and produces a more evenly toned white rippled wooden floor with a Band Sawn finish and white stain applied.

Brushed Ash Flooring

brushed engineered ash flooring

Brushing is a technique that raises the soft grain and we use to add subtle surface texture and accentuated depth of character to our beautiful Ash flooring.

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 Engineered White Ash flooring with its cool bluey undertones is the natural choice for a Coastal White Wooden floor.

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gappy engineered ash flooring

Combining natural floor materials like Sea Grass on the stairs and using Gappy (extra long tongue) engineered Ash flooring  for a more sophisticated Ship Deck Style.

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