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engineered douglas fir flooring

White wooden flooring remains on trend this year whether it be Nordic or eclectic, coastal or contemporary . However white washed wooden flooring is far from a new trend, and testament to the timeless appeal. White wooden floors work with pretty much every interior style making compact spaces seem larger yet equally perfect within open-plan layouts creating flow, space and tranquility.

 Maximise Light

White washed wooden flooring and white walls are key to creating Scandinavian hygge, as in such styled spaces the light is diffused yet intensified. Scandinavian style has been popular for many years and looks to be an Interior design staple for good reason. Interiors simply yet sophisticatedly styled this way, act as a blank canvas and gallery in which furniture, furnishings, textures and colours are accentuated by the beautiful soft light.

Many architects also opt for white interiors as the lack of colour keeps the eye focussed on the structure of the space instead. Because of their clean aesthetic, white wooden floors also add a heightened perception of space, create visual flow and make a room appear larger.

White isn’t just simply white however when it comes to wooden floors. Three trends preside this year Scandinavian white, Coastal White and Minimalist White but what’s the difference?

Scandinavian Style White Wooden Flooring

Scandinavian style wooden flooring is all about long, wide plank floorboards bleached or stained a translucent natural white so the raw beauty of the timber shows through and matte for a more organic feel. Wide plank flooring is extremely desirable for its ability to visually open-up spaces. The Saatchi Gallery in London is a beautiful example in which the natural beauty of room-length Douglas Fir Flooring, lightened with White Lye, takes an understated centre-stage.

Engineered Douglas Fir flooring is absolutely beautiful, but many people are unaware that Douglas fir is a Softwood - Pine. Engineered Pine flooring is moderately durable,  liable to dents and sometimes splitting. For this reason we recommend engineered White Ash flooring Saatchi (pictured below) as a durable, hardwood alternative for a Scandinavian style floor.

 Coastal Style White Wooden Floors

 Coastal style white wooden floors are often textured or feature intentional gaps between the planks to reflect the way they would have weathered over time. Textured White wooden floors lend themselves to a matte finish and the combination of texture with a white washing gives the floor a slightly rustic, airy, beachy feel.

We achieve Texture in two ways; by either Band Sawing for an undulating rippled surface or Brushing to accentuate the natural grain. Engineered White Ash flooring and Engineered Appalachian White Oak flooring are popular choices for coastal style interiors, both avilable in a Select grade which is essential for a Band sawn finish.

Engineered White Oak flooring with its natural light pink tones adds warmth to north facing rooms

whilst Engineered White Ash flooring below provides a cooler toned white wooden floor

 Minimalist White Wooden Floors

Minimalist white wooden floors are more of a flat white with a low-lustre finish for a subtle sheen. We achieve the contemporary look by using naturally light toned timbers such as American White Ash or Appalachian White Oak  - Select grade for minimal knotting and an opaque white stain.

engineered white ash flooring is a perfect choice for a Minimalist floor

For a flush, seamless floor from floorboard to floorboard a Square Edge profile is needed.

Contemporary white wooden floor. Our engineered White Ash flooring with a micro-bevelled profile for subtle floorboard definition.

Alternatively subtle floorboard detail is created with a micro-bevelled finish.

Minimalist white wooden floor. Engineered White Ash flooring -Gappy / extra long tongue to provide a contemporary plank / ship deck effect.

For a contemporary Ship Deck or plank effect our Gappy finish (extra long tongue) provides accentuated floorboards.

If you are looking to create a simple, minimalist interior then engineered American White Ash flooring is a beautiful yet practical choice providing a hard-wearing floor that adds natural warmth and a blank canvas to emphasise architectural detail. Add distilled personality with subtle accents , objects on display and casually leaning artwork but stay neutral and create sanctuary.



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