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  • English Elm Engineered Flooring - UK Wholesaler Bespoke Manufacturer

    English Elm Engineered Flooring - UK Wholesaler Bespoke Manufacturer

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English Elm flooring provides an extremely beautiful, highly unique hardwood floor. Our engineered Elm flooring features a wide variation in both colour and grain direction. Expect molten swirls of caramel, creams contrasting against rich dark and reddish chocolates, characterful burrs and lots of swirly grain. Elm flooring is incredibly beautiful but furthermore very tough, it will not split and is naturally rot resistant.

Engineered Elm Flooring

Furthermore Elm will last almost indefinitely submerged in water, and these natural qualities led to its traditional use in the construction of British Piers and underground water pipes. In 2019 however Engineered English Elm flooring is a precious native timber that we source sustainably and use wisely, providing an inimitable floor that finishes to the very highest standard.

We supply our Engineered English Elm flooring unfinished with a square-shoulder floorboard profile for a flush, seamless floor. Our beautiful native timber deserves special treatment, and Elm flooring truly lends itself to being a flush floor. Square-shoulder flooring is supplied unfinished as for a superior seamless finish will need a light sanding once installed. (Described in more detail below).

 Engineered English Elm Flooring - Narrow Plank

english elm engineered wood flooring in london apartment

The floor above was specified in narrow or strip floorboards, which works beautifully in Elm flooring and sets off the beauty, warmth and intricacies of this exquiste timber. Engineered Elm Flooring in narrow floorboards £72.50 m2 + V.A.T.

Please click for a free sample of our Engineered Elm Flooring


Oiled Engineered Elm Flooring

Engineered Elm Flooring in our Somerset Factory Showroom

We manufacture our Engineered English Elm Flooring at our Somerset factory in a premium grade, displaying all of the beautiful features described above. Due to the scarcity of this exclusive timber we utilise every inch wisely. Firstly by producing Engineered Elm flooring with a 5/6mm hardwood wear layer, which uses 70% less of this rare hardwood than Solid Elm Flooring.

Engineered Elm Flooring  - British Manufacturer

Furthermore we use every cm of Elm possible being the reason why we supply our Engineered Elm flooring in mixed-widths only. You can specify narrow mixed widths or random mixed widths.

(125mm – up to a maximum of 260mm wide) at £72.50 m2 + V.A.T.

Please click for a free sample of our Engineered Elm Flooring

Engineered Elm Flooring sample

 Naturally unique, and as such no two hardwood floors or floorboards will ever be the same.This is most certainly the case for Elm flooring, as every engineered Elm floor pictured within this page is a one-off.

english elm engineered flooring made in somerset

 Elm flooring is highly figured with stunning flashes of cream, caramel swirls to reddish brown heartwood. Such beautiful wild figuring and rich tones makes our engineered Elm flooring a statement underfoot, as seen in our Somerset showroom above and below.

English Elm Flooring

 Please click here for further information or to request a free sample of our English Elm Flooring


 Unfinished English Elm Engineered flooring  - Before Oiling

Engineered Elm flooring - British Manufacturer & Wholesaler

Engineered Elm flooring is one of the few floors that we supply square-shouldered . We do not finish square shoulder engineered wood flooring as it needs  a light sanding on-site for a superior finish. A light localised sanding evens out any minor irregularities in height (a subfloor is rarely 100% flat) then finished with a protective hard wax oil. In our experience Elm flooring is best finished with a hard wax oil which both protects the floor and enriches the deep caramel / chocolate undertones and beautiful grain.

 English Elm Engineered Flooring  - Just Oiled

English Elm Flooring  - just oiled

We both recommend and supply Morrells Induro XL Hardwax Oil (available in matte or semi-sheen). The reason for supplying our English Elm flooring unfinished, is that we machine our Elm with a square-shoulder, which provides a flush seamless floor. For a superior finish, square-shoulder Elm flooring needs a final sanding once installed, to even any minor height irregularities arising from the sub-floor beneath. There would be no point in supplying prefinished or Oiled Elm flooring due to the need for site sanding.The Engineered Elm floor above looks very shiny but is pictured  of this when dried below in a beautiful semi-sheen finish.

Finished English Elm Engineered flooring 

Engineered English Elm flooring

Please contact us for more information or a sample of our Elm Flooring


English Elm Herringbone Parquet Flooring

over sized english elm parquet flooring somerset

We also produce Elm Herringbone Parquet Flooring using oversized -  longer & larger Parquet battens. Herringbone Parquet flooring in our native Elm is absolutely stunning with a timeless quality. English Elm is by far our most unique timber and lends itself to the narrow strips and geometric pattern of Parquet. Richly coloured with contrasting swathes of warm tones from dark chocolate to molten caramel and creams. £80.00m2 + V.A.T

Specification for Engineered English Elm Flooring

Engineered English Elm Flooring is 20mm thick: with a 5mm top-layer and a 15mm Birch plywood substrate.

Engineered Elm Flooring is Tongue & Grooved on all 4 sides - end-matched.

Our Engineered Elm Flooring is suitable for structural use i.e fixed directly to floor joists.

Engineered Elm Flooring is suitable for use with all types of under floor heating systems.

Our engineered English Elm floorboards are machined with a square-shoulder .

English Elm Flooring is available in mixed-widths only from 125mm – 260mm wide.

Unfinished Engineered Elm Flooring is £72.50 m2 + V.A.T.

Lengths of our Engineered Elm Flooring are typically 2400mm, some boards are built-up to obtain length, expect some shorter lengths in

a pack.

English Elm Engineered Flooring is supplied: filled and sanded, ready-to-finish on site

Our Engineered Elm Flooring is Square Shouldered and requires a final sand once installed (for a superior finish).

English Elm Engineered Flooring prices are per square metre and exclusive of V.A.T.

 Please contact us for more information or a sample of our English Elm flooring

Please note that descriptions and photographs of individual timbers & grades depict typical characteristics to expect. However English Elm being a natural material denotes that each Elm floor is inherently unique.

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