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Douglas Fir flooring is beautiful, sustainable & provides a stunning backdrop to scandinavian & contemporay interiors. Douglas Fir yields extremely wide and luxuriously long engineered pine flooring due to the enormity of the trees.  What this means for you is understated drama. Large rooms can be installed with room length floorboards without visual interruption. For versatility and beauty you cannot compare with Douglas Fir Flooring.

Douglas Fir is a fast-growing Pine also known as British Columbian Pine (UK) and Oregon Pine (USA) . Pine engineered flooring is extremely environmentally friendly: non-toxic, recyclable, grows naturally, and long-lasting.


Douglas Fir Flooring - Lye and Soap Finish

Douglas Pine Engineered Flooring

Photo by Residence Interior Design Ltd

Douglas Fir flooring is a lightly coloured pink toned timber that lends itself  beautifully to a white finish. The Saatchi Gallery in London is a wonderful example of a solid Douglas Fir Floor finished with White Lye and Soap. The Lye - lightens the floor, and the Soap - protects against dirt and grease. A White Lye and Soap finish also plays a part in maintaining a suitable moisture content within solid Douglas Fir flooring; by slowing the exchange of moisture from the wood to the surrounding atmosphere. This process helps to keep Solid Douglas Fir Flooring stable. The soap needs to be regularly reapplied to solid Douglas Fir flooring to help maintain optimum stability, 'pop-out' dents, clean the flooring and preserve its contemporary white wooden floor chic.

As all of our flooring is engineered for inherent stability, soaping our engineered Douglas Fir Flooring is not required. We have worked closely with the staining chemists to create the perfect  bleached white lye effect stain - Saatchi. Furthermore our permanent white stain - Saatchi  (unlike lye & soap) does not need re-applying and protected with a hard-wearing matt UV oil finish. 


Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring - Saatchi

Douglas Fir Flooring

 Our clients own pictures. Engineered Douglas Fir flooring - Saatchi in London town house.

douglas fir flooring scandi style

dinesen douglas fir flooring alternative

super wide douglas fir flooring bristol

Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring - Saatchi  - Prices

Our engineered Douglas Fir Flooring is available in a choice of two single-strip, super wide plank floorboard widths: 220mm or 260mm, in long random lengths (median 2.4m). 

A longer length Douglas Fir flooring specification - up to 3.5m length engineered Pine floorboards -  subject to availability of timber and + 15% on prices listed below .

We finish our engineered Douglas fir flooring with a translucent white stain (White Lye & Soap effect) and a matt UV Oil for a rapid installation, and instant, low maintenance protection to this beautiful floor. Unfinished Douglas Fir engineered flooring is also available see our specification below for pricing.

 Douglas Fir Flooring-  Saatchi         220 mm wide            £ 80.50 m2 + V.A.T.

 Douglas Fir Flooring-  Saatchi         260 mm wide            £ 84.50 m2 + V.A.T.

As with all our engineered tongue and groove wood flooring, Douglas Fir is a natural material so please expect slight variations in tone / colour from floorboard to floor.


Is Douglas Fir a Hardwood ?

No, Douglas Fir is the only softwood or engineered pine flooring that we produce, and moderately durable. For those seeking the Scandinavian appearance of Douglas Fir flooring but needing a hard-wearing alternative, we cannot recommend more highly our Engineered American White Ash flooring - Saatchi. American White Ash flooring is a beautiful, naturally white hardwood and provides a stunning floor with similar, beautiful figuring to Douglas Fir.

We finish our engineered Douglas fir flooring with a translucent white stain (White Lye & Soap effect) and a matt UV Oil for a rapid installation, and instant, low maintenance protection to this beautiful floor.


Engineered American White Ash Flooring  - Saatchi

white ash staircase  - douglas fir flooring alternative

American White Ash engineered flooring is a durable hardwood alternative to Douglas Fir Flooring toi

American White Ash engineered flooring is the most durable engineered hardwood flooring for domestic  / commercial installations. With a translucent white stain and a commercial grade low-lustre UV oil finish applied, it provides a stunning extremely similar floor to Douglas Fir flooring (White Lye & Soap finish), but with the benefits of inherent durability and minimal maintenance, and remains our most popular luxury wood flooring into 2018.

American White Ash Engineered Flooring - Saatchi

American White Ash engineered flooring is a durable hardwood alternative to Douglas Fir Floorin

Engineered American White Ash Engineered Wood Flooring In A Beautiful London Townhouse . Many thanks to our client for kindly letting us share her interior style and images.



Our Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring at London Yoga Studio - The Refinery, E9

Engineered Pine Wall Cladding

The Interior Designer / Architect for The Refinery specified Douglas Fir Wall Cladding which works beautifully.

Please contact us for more information about Engineered Pine / Douglas Fir Wall Cladding


engineered douglas fir flooring


Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring - Bespoke Aged Stain  - Band-Sawn

 Bespoke Pine Engineered Flooring

Engineered Douglas Fir flooring - Band Sawn & Bespoke Stain


This engineered Douglas Fir floor was our most unusual bespoke wooden floor last year. Our client's brief was for a 'Nando's style' engineered pine floor: a dark navy stain that would wear quickly with a distressed  /  band sawn texture. The results speak for themselves. Amazing.


Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring / Engineered Pine Flooring Specification 

Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring has a 15mm Birch Plywood substrate.

Overall thickness of Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring 23/24mm (this can be reduced if required).

Our Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring has an 8mm Solid Douglas Fir wear-layer.

Our engineered Douglas Fir floorboards are machined with a micro-bevel as standard (long sides).

Square-shoulder Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring is available on request.

Tongue & groove engineered Pine flooring - on all 4 sides (End-matched).

Engineered Douglas Fir floorboard lengths are typically 2400mm, some boards may be built-up to obtain length. Expect some shorter lengths within your order.

Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring is supplied filled and sanded, ready-to-finish.

Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring is available in wide boards / wide plank up to 260 mm wide.

Unfinished engineered Douglas Fir Flooring          220 mm wide          £ 72.00 m2 + V.A.T.

Unfinished engineered Douglas Fir Flooring          260 mm wide          £ 76.00 m2 + V.A.T.

Please be aware that Douglas fir is not a hardwood. It is probable that in service, small splits and / or shakes will appear. After a period, the timber settles and these defects can be repaired, enhancing the aesthetic quality of the product.

Please note that descriptions and photographs of individual grades depict typical characteristics to expect.

Douglas Fir being a natural material denotes that each floor is inherently unique.

Please contact us for more information or for a sample of our engineered Pine Flooring



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