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Wood Flooring Engineered Ltd - British Manufacturer , Wholesaler & Exporter

We export our engineered wooden floors to Ireland, Europe and the rest of the world. We are finding post-Brexit that now has never been a better time for overseas buyers to take advantage of a weaker pound and our export orders have increased accordingly. We of course welcome all exports and enjoying the flurry of inquires / orders from our friends in Southern Ireland. This positive buying trend is encouraging news for British Manufacture and reinforced last week by Reuters...

'Orders for British manufacturing exports hit a two-year peak in August 2016 following a Brexit induced fall in sterling, which benefits exporters with overseas buyers taking advantage of the weaker pound. The Confederation of British Industry said its measure of overall factory orders dipped slightly in August 2016 to -5. But that beat a median forecast of -9 in a Reuters poll of economists, and export orders improved to -6 from -22, their highest since August 2014. Manufacturers were more optimistic as output expectations for the next three months rose to +11 from +6 in July. Supporters of Britain's departure from the European Union have argued that a post-referendum decline in sterling was likely to help the economy, while opponents say the outcome of the June 23 vote could tip the country into recession.'

(Source Reuters January 9th 2017).

We have been manufacturing engineered wooden floors for over twenty five years and now solely produce engineered wood flooring as opposed to solid wood flooring. The decision to manufacture engineered wooden flooring arose over ten years ago due to the demands of 21st century living placed upon solid wooden floors. Wood Flooring Engineered Ltd responded to the need for beautiful yet stable, wide-plank wood flooring by initiating the manufacture of British made engineered wood flooring.

In 2014 we become synonomous with the floods that devastated the Somerset levels last winter as our factory was in the epicentre of the flooding resulting in our site being submerged under 8 feet of water and subsequent loss of production for five months. You can read more about the flooding on the Somerset Levels here.the flooding on the Somerset Levels here.

The images below of before and after the flooding of our factory went viral at the time and although we have thankfully recovered from this terrible situation we can never forget the devastation that it caused.


flooding on the somerset levels 2014 Before the Somerset floods of 2014  - entrance to our factory street view

wood flooring engineered ltd flooding on the somerset levels 2014

After the Somerset Floods of 2014  - entrance to our factory (lakeside) -  this image went viral on the internet.

The Basket Works unfortunately had to relocate their business after seventy years of trading on the same site. We became involved with the FLAG Flooding on the Levels action group to publicise the misery & devastation that was caused. #neveragain



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