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What is hot right now in the world of wooden floors?

Floors are more than just what's underfoot anymore. Today a wooden floor is both the back-drop to an interior and the biggest piece of furniture there within. Trends in wooden floors & finishes continue to evolve in response to advances in technology, fashion and consumer demand. Lighter colours, textured surfaces and low-lustre finishes are playing up the raw, natural beauty of wood in 2017. White and wider, longer planks, grey tones, natural finishes, texture and modern twists on classical styles are top of the hot list this year.

Creativity in our product development widens design possibilities and oodles more options than ever before for our clients to showcase their personal style....


No. 1

New York Loft Style - White Ash

White wooden floors give an airily open feel and provide a blank canvas to showcase architectural elements and furnishings. You simply cannot go wrong with white. But size matters ... it has to be wide (plank) and it has to be long (lengths) . New York Loft Style at Fonthill Mews Development in Finsbury Park. American White Ash - Saatchi floorboards.

White Ash Saatchi reigns at No.1 as this is an exceptionally durable timber - enhanced by a permanent translucent white stain, beautiful nuances in grain and figuring show through and it's sealed in with our commercial grade low- lustre UV Oil top coat.


No. 2

Scandinavian Style

 Douglas Fir -  White Lye and Soap

Douglas Fir  - Saatchi (White Lye and Soap effect)  our second most popular floor. Due to the huge size of the trees themselves; Douglas Fir yields uber wide-plank , lovely long floor boards. Art galleries opt for a blank canvas of white walls and white floors to showcase their exhibits -  Douglas Fir graces the floors of the Saatchi Gallery... Sassy homeowners are following suit.

not just for floors... Douglas Fir Saatchi  works beautifully as Wall Cladding  - specified for The Refinery, London E9.

Please contact us for more information or a sample


No. 3

Natural Style - Earth Elements.

European Oak Nature UV Oiled

 The raw, natural beauty of this classic timber is enhanced by a natural finish and a happy goodbye to the honey pine yellowing that has become synonymous with Oak flooring until recently. Grey / beige tones are the new neutrals within Interior Design themes and found naturally within raw Oak. Our Nature UV Oil finish retains these gorgeous hues and prevents yellowing. Love this trend...naturally beautiful.



No. 4

Coastal Chic Style

Weathered Appalachian Oak

Weathered-looking, texturised Oak flooring washed up to become extremely popular in late 2016. Coastal Chic style Appalachian Oak flooring was specified for Rick Stein's Sandbanks . The Band-sawn finish adds texture whilst the bespoke greyish-white stain enhances the natural driftwood hues. Classy yet understated & super stylish.



Deco Style

Antiqued Oak

Dark stained antiqued European Oak floor-boards inject depth and timeless character to a new interior, as deployed at NEO, Bournemouth. Perfectly paired with contrasting white walls for impact.





Chunky Chevron Parquet

A modern twist on a classical design oozing timeless style and a dramatic wow factor. Stunning.





Weathered / Antiqued

Rustic Industrial Chic


 'Nando's style' wooden flooring / rustic industrial chic is a popular look recreated  within hospitality & retail interiors and now within  private residences too. A dark weathered looking stain to purposefully wear through with a texturised band-sawn finish. A dark twist on shabby chic..



















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